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It’s an AWESOME TROPHY ANIMAL! This is the hunt of a Lifetime and you’ve
just bagged your biggest trophy animal!

Now, how do you get it out of the woods/pasture and back to your vehicle? Do you REALLY want to cut up your trophy and haul it out of the woods on your back one or two pieces at a time?  We didn’t think so….…

Don’t worry, we have the solution for you.  On this website is a field tested, tried and true solution to your problem. 


Welcome to the wildlife transport

Introducing THE Wildlife Transport!  We are hunters, fishermen, campers and avid Outdoorsmen ourselves.  We encounter the same challenges as you do.  We tired of having the same problems year after year and decided to do something to resolve those problems. 

What you’re viewing on this website WILL SOLVE YOUR TRANSPORT  issues.  We can confidently say this because we have actually used this solution in the field ourselves.  AND IT WORKS EXTREMELY WELL!

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We ensure that all products ordered from us will arrive in quality condition.  Once your product arrives, if you see any problems with the product, please contact us immediately and make sure you make your delivery agent aware of those problems.

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Top Reasons to shop with us

  • We have created some of the greatest products in the market for the outdoors.
  • Since we have tested our designs/products in the field ourselves, we know you will be satisfied with your purchase and actual use in the field.
  • We know that our products are of superior quality making us feel very comfortable knowing that you will, with your purchase, see the same very positive aspects of these products.
  • Please note: we will customize our products for you.  Need something extra that you don’t see on our website?  Let us know.  We are very flexible and want to produce products that meet your needs.

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Who we are

We Are a Unique Online Presence devoted solely to the Outdoor Industry!

  • We are all Outdoor people. We hunt, we fish, we camp, we hike, we do almost anything related to the Outdoors. Therefore, we KNOW the problems that exist in this area of the economy and we FIND solutions to those problems.
  • THE Wildlife Transport.com is a fast growing online presence devoted solely to finding solutions to the problems that the outdoor industry faces. Our unique products are targeted to that solution.
  • We determined that if WE were facing issues/problems, others are facing the same issues/problems. As the old saying goes “Necessity is the mother of invention”. We take that old saying to heart. Our solutions came from facing the issues that you are likely currently facing in the outdoors.
  • Not only do we find solutions for our own problems we encounter when we’re in the outdoors, we devise Patent Pending solutions and actually test and use them ourselves in the outdoors. So we KNOW how our products perform and when any encounters require us to devise a new solution for it, we do it, test it and then roll it out to you.
  • We are based in the United States and are currently only offering our products in the U.S.A.. If demand outside the U.S.A. presents itself, we will consider providing our products outside the U.S.A..
  • The feedback we have received from customer, potential customers, is overwhelmingly positive. Many have thanked us for providing a solution to problems they have encountered in the outdoors without a solution. UNTIL NOW!

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